Why Is It A Good Idea To Have A Home Inspector During A New Construction?

Building a new home can be  stressful if you are  unfamiliar  with the building process and if you are not able to over see the building  of your new  home .  Relying on the builders project manager alone   to  over see yours and not to mention all others they are building as well, Can be overwhelming  for all and Some times things can   get over looked.

During a new build there are several key phases where it would be  beneficial to have an objective review of the construction process of  your new home.

This would aid in detecting defects before they become hidden problems that sometimes don’t show up until your home is out of warranty.

It may also   help in  preventing  any further  delays that are already a major issue in the new construction process today.

At Captains Inspections, we want you to enjoy this process as it should be exciting to see your visions come to life and you should have peace of mind knowing your home was built to today’s standards using the right materials  with the best practices.  I will assure you that with my experience and knowledge in the building trades, that I will have your best interest front and center ready to call out any mistakes so you get the peace of mind you deserve.

Contact us today so we can discuss how we can help you through the process of building your new dream home.

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